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Pasto Siambasa belongs to the grass family, more specifically to the species Panicum Maximum, with which we achieve an excellent relationship between production and quality.  It is an excellent alternative in both the agricultural and livestock sectors, as it combines great forage yield with excellent nutritional quality, reaching high protein values and excellent percentages of fiber, energy and digestibility.  

Another thing to take into account is its easy handling as we can pack in high temperature hours without losing quality due to falling leaves. Pasto Siambasa is a crop that has 80% leaf in its conformation, can be used for hay, silage or direct grazing.


Siambasa grass is a crop to be sown in spring with favourable conditions in temperature and luminosity for good germination.

The sowing dose is 10 kilos per hectare, given its low specific weight we have a large amount of seeds per kilo.   For this reason, the distribution of the seed is more uniform with a traditional seed drill.

We must obtain a very soft seed bed which will give us control over the planting depth of the crop, which must be greater than 2 centimeters.

Nutritional Quality

Pasto Siambasa is a crop that has 80% leaf in its conformation which makes it a crop of great palatability for all types of animals.

It offers a high quality nutritional table because it combines high percentages of protein, fiber, energy and digestibility. All the nutritional requirements necessary for an animal to produce meat or milk.

Siambasa grass is the forage of champions.  


It is a pleasure for Efecto Soluciones to have among our clients Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza's stud farm where excellent results have been achieved, a meadow planted with Siambasa grass dedicated to the feeding of the mother mares.


That the oldest, most emblematic and representative Copyganadería of the Spanish horse has adopted this new food is an important guarantee for the expansion of this vegetable crop. In the estate of El Suero where this prestigious stud farm is located, there are 14 hectares of land planted, which is the basis of the diet of this stud farm.


Concha Piquer Cattle Ranch C.B. is the most prestigious national cattle ranch of Limousin cattle, this cattle ranch has been at the top for several years, having achieved an unsurpassed genetics. In the farm Los Charcones where the cattle ranch is located, there are already 22 hectares planted for the feeding of these demanding animals.


The stud farm D. JOSE FRANCO SANCHEZ is endorsed by the many awards with which it is awarded nationally annually and for being one of the leading stud farms in Spain in the breeding of Spanish horses. Always in search of functionality and beauty. We would like to thank you for your trust in Siambasa grass and our FEED EFFECT feed, the basis of the feed of this prestigious stud farm.

 Siambasa Seeds Catalogue       Siambasa Forage Catalogue

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Actions for a good implementation

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Incredible tours of some of our plantations

Some photos received from our customers, where their satisfaction is our reason for being by continuing to generate alternatives that make  farms get higher yields and therefore higher profits.

Photo received from our client David Torres from Sierra de Yeguas, Málaga (Spain).

Packaged and quickly regrowth in La Barca de la Florida ,Cadiz (Spain).

Photo received from our client Jose Antonio de Chiclana, Cadiz (Spain)

Mowing Siambasa in the Cortijo Benalup estate, Cadiz (Spain).

Mowing meadow in Albacete

Meadow established in Lleida.